Merry Christmas to All

Santa 1981 002Merry Christmas to All!  May the Spirit of Christmas enter your home this Blessed Night as we commemorate the birth of the Our Savior.  While pondering what message I could share with my friends and family, I came upon this experience from a Christmas past.  Wishing you the presence of many Christmas angels tonight and throughout the New Year!

Part 1 of a Documented History of My Great-Grandmother

Puškarić Ana 1886 - 1930Part 1 of a Documented History of My Great-Grandmother

I just posted Part 1 of a documented history about my great-grandmother, Ana Puškarić Kučinić Puskarich, who lived from 1886 to 1930. Part 1 of her history includes information about her family of origin and marriage to Mijat Kučinić.  Originally she was one of Duquesne’s Croatian Immigrants, then moved to Washington, PA.

Pre-1950 Duquesne Croatian Wedding Photos

Catherine Kucinic Salopek bridePre-1950 Duquesne Croatian Wedding Photos  — Take a few minutes to search for familiar faces, and more especially share them with older generations of current and former Duquesne residents to see if they recognize anyone!  Two years ago I posted these wedding photos on a Facebook page to preserve them and share them with other Duquesne Croatians and their descendants.  I decided to transfer them to a more permanent home on this site in hope that they might reach more people. Please share and enjoy!

If You are Interested in Reading a First Hand Account…

If You are Interested in Reading a First Hand Account…bookstack with shadow web. I recommend two books that you might like.  Both give first hand accounts of different cultures:  Common Lives of Uncommon Strength: The Women of the Coal and Coke Era of Southwestern Pennsylvania 1880-1970 by Evelyn A. Hovanec includes interviews with many women who shared their memories of living in the Coal Patches of southwestern Pennsylvania.  As The Tree Fell: The History and Reunion of Our Croatian Immigrant Family and the Joys and Challenges of Retirement on Vis, An Adriatic Island by Patricia Repanich shares her personal experiences as she and her husband discover his Croatian roots and relatives on the island of Vis.  Both books offered food for thought and made me think about food — food the way my Baba would have made it in her homeland of the Adriatic and in the coal camp of West Virginia!  See my Book List.

Duquesne Croatians — Nick Lee Hollow

Nick Lee 03 for postDuquesne Croatians — Nick Lee Hollow:  Nick Lee Hollow was more than a place our parents played as children.  At one time the hollow was home to many Duquesne families.  A few people inquired about Nick Lee Hollow, and as  result I did a little research on the subject.  Read my latest article, Remembering Nick Lee Hollow. Photos courtesy of the Mifflin Township Historical Society.

Audio Recording Added to Interview with My Grandma <3

katiefaceAudio Recording Added to Interview with My Grandma ❤  Today I added an audio recording of a Personal Interview with Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek , my paternal Grandmother.  The interview took place on 17 September 1986, approximately one year before she passed away.  READ a transcript of the interview or LISTEN to an mp3 of the actual six-minute interview.

Duquesne Croatians — Smidgen of Croatian

1910 Chart Croatians below the tracksA Smidgen of Croatian in Duquesne:  Just how many Croatian immigrants lived in Duquesne at the turn of the twentieth century? An analysis of the 1910 United States Federal Census might help us draw more accurate conclusions about the early Croatian immigrants to the city of Duquesne.  Read details of my most recent research.  Feel free to comment or contact me via the site.

Compilation for Southwest Pennsylvania Researchers

bookstack with shadow webCompilation for Southwest Pennsylvania Researchers: Yvonne L. Blair Morgan has compiled a list of holder facilities and research resources available in the Pennsylvania counties of Fayette, Greene, Washington and Westmorland.  This great tool for the family historian contains information about the availability of newspapers, census records, obituary indexes, historical societies, and more at numerous locations throughout these counties.   See my “Book List”.   Available for purchase at

Duquesne Croatians — Businesses Below the Tracks

Milford Gardens was located at 108 Milford below the tracks in Duquesne.  Photo Courtesy of John A. Salopek.Duquesne Croatians — Businesses Below the Tracks:  Off to a great start in transferring information from my FB page, Duquesne’s Croatian Immigrants, to my personal website.   Enjoy the first of several new pages pertaining to the Croatian Immigrants of Duquesne, Pennsylvania.  Feel free to comment or contact me via the site.