Duquesne Croatians

Duquesne Croatians

Originally published as a Facebook Page, this research project is designed to Preserve Information and Pay Tribute to first and second generation Croatians who immigrated to Duquesne, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Articles and photos will focus primarily on families up through the early 1940s.

Many Croatians immigrated to the city of Duquesne at or around the turn of the 20th century to work in the steel mills. Generations of their descendants have since scattered throughout the United States and elsewhere, taking with them old photos and family stories that document the extraordinary lives of their ancestors.
Scroll down the page for Links to Cultural and Genealogical information about the coal and steel workers of Southwest Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

A Suggested Reading List pertaining to the coal and steel communities of Southwest Pennsylvania is found on the “Books Suggested” page.

Anthony Joseph “Tony” Salopek 1904-1968 — Life Highlights from My Heritage

A Smidgeon of CroatianAn Analysis of Croatian Families in the 1910 United States Federal Census of Duquesne, Allegheny, Pennsylvania

Businesses Below the TracksThe most popular article on this site! Photos and businesses that were located below the tracks in Duquesne, prior to the Steel Mill expansion.

Buildings and Buttercups — Thoughts related to the buildings that housed the Holy Trinity Churches in Duquesne and West Mifflin, from my Popcorn Party Blog

Carrie’s Furnace — Thoughts related to the historic Carrie furnace tour in Homestead, Pennsylvania –from my Popcorn Party Blog

Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek — Personal Interview audio clip with my grandmother, Katie Salopek.

Croatian Marriages — pre 1950 — Please HELP identify any faces you may recognize, and please get older generations to see who they can name. Thanks in advance.

Excerpt From Stirling/Robb Family Tree by James Stirling. I have submitted this excerpt from our family story, after reading the blog entry submitted by Patricia Angus regarding Nationality Days at Kennywood Park and memories about The Green Gables.

Fireworks and Croatian SluggersHistorical article about the Croatian/Serbian softball team of Old Duquesne.

Ghost of Green GablesA few memories of Green Gables, a business establishment owned by Duquesne Croatians, the Loncaric family.

Grandma’s Chicken: Comforting Generations — Yummy memories of Grandma Katie Salopek’s Breaded Chicken Recipe.

Lost Croatian Hall — Found!Yes, Virginia, there was a Croatian Hall below the tracks in Duquesne before the mill expansion!

Remembering Nick Lee HollowA playground for many children was once a neighborhood that ended with a catastrophic flood.

See also — My Heritage
Links to Cultural and Genealogical information about the coal and steel workers of Southwest Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions and/or Contributed Records Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (and surrounding areas)

The Coal and Coke Heritage Center (CCHC) at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus

Coalfields of the Appalachians

The Duquesne Hunky

Labor Legacy University of Pittsburgh Archives which “map the historical terrain of the labor movement in Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania for the use of both the academic and general public.”

Main County Index to the Bituminous Coal Mines & Coal Patch Towns of Pennsylvania

McKeesport Regional History and Heritage Center

Mifflin Township Historical Society

Nattional Tube Co., U.S. Steel National Works, McKeesport, PA

Pennsylvania County Atlases and Maps from the 1850s-1870s, MG-11 Map Collection

2 thoughts on “Duquesne Croatians

  1. Salopek’s and Tuchak from Duquesne below the tracks I was born on Linden St Feb 19th 1939 my sister was born Jan 26th 1927 being 12 years older she remembers everything about life below the tracks according to her a Salopek family lived next door to us their names were Paul Pete John and the girls were Mary Katie Rose Agnes and the twins Nancy and Doloros the Tuchak’s rented a room
    from Grandmother their names were Barbara Micro Eva and Frankie When we were force to move
    in 1942 we moved to Monterey St the Salopek’s moved to Crawford St and the Tuchak to Riverview
    Projecks. Their was a Frank Salopek who was Killed on Anizo during WW2 I remember my sister
    sitting at our Kitchen Table in our house on Monterey St reading his obituary I had to be about 6 years old. As far as the Mural in Green Gables on the Wall it could have been painted by Paul
    Salopek as I’ve been told he was and artist and painted something on their wall in the house on
    Crawford St I will check with a cousin who is older than me and might know.


  2. Thank you so much for reading the articles on my site, and for contributing more information! I love to hear from people who lived below the tracks — it is an era that can’t be repeated. All we have to rely on is your memories and stories about what it was like. Have you or your sister looked at the Wedding photos on my site? I am curious if either of you might be able to identify more faces in those photos. Once again, thank you for contributing. Please let us know what you find out about the murals. 🙂


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