Books Suggested

This page contains a bibliography of suggested reading for two different aspects of my heritage:

  1. Coal and Steel Communities of Southwest Pennsylvania
  2. Yugoslavian Immigrants to America as well as the Cultural History of Bosnia, Croatian, Montenegro and Serbia

List #1: Suggested Reading List pertaining to the coal and steel communities of Southwest Pennsylvania:

Bell, Thomas. (1976). Out of This Furnace: A Novel of Immigrant Labor in America. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press.

Brestensky, Dennis F., Hovanec, Evelyn A. & Skomra, Albert N. (4th printing 2003). Patch/Work Voices: The Culture and Lore of a Mining People. Patch/Work Voices Publishing.

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Hoerr, John. (2009). Monongahela Dusk: A Novel. Pittsburgh, PA: Autumn House Press.

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Jason, Sonya. (2004). Icon of Spring. Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press.

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List #2: Suggested Readings pertaining to Yugoslavian Immigrants to America as well as the Cultural History of Bosnia, Croatian, Montenegro and Serbia:

Andrich, Ivo. (1977). The Bridge on the Drina. (Edwards, Lovett F., Trans.).  Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.  (Original work published in 1945)

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