Duquesne Croatians — Nick Lee Hollow

Nick Lee 03 for postDuquesne Croatians — Nick Lee Hollow:  Nick Lee Hollow was more than a place our parents played as children.  At one time the hollow was home to many Duquesne families.  A few people inquired about Nick Lee Hollow, and as  result I did a little research on the subject.  Read my latest article, Remembering Nick Lee Hollow. Photos courtesy of the Mifflin Township Historical Society.

2 thoughts on “Duquesne Croatians — Nick Lee Hollow

  1. My uncle Edward B Hunt was living in oliver hollow in 1900 with wife and 2 children. He later became a constable of the 2nd Ward in Duquesne for 20 yrs. My grandfather lived at 208 oliver ave and myParents and I lived with him about 1933-1935. then NIck Lee Hollow had a ball field. shi55@verizon.net I remember walking thru the hollow and up to Polish hill with our neighbors cow to eat the grass on the hill.


  2. Audrey, thanks for your comment! Do you happen to have any memories about when the name of Oliver Hollow changed to Nick Lee Hollow? Or any remembrances about other places or people in Duquesne’s heyday? Any family stories to share? I love to hear first hand accounts about the area. Thanks for sharing.


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