My Heritage

This Page includes links to stories I have written about special ancestors on my family tree or places relative to my ancestral heritage.  It also includes special memories and a list of links for further exploration.  A Suggested Reading list pertaining to Yugoslavian Immigrants to America as well as the Cultural History of Bosnia, Croatian, Montenegro and Serbia is found on the “Books Suggested” tab.

Ana Puškarić Kučinić Puskarich Part 1: 1886 — 1912 — A documented history of Ana’a life including information about family of origin and her marriage to Mijat Kučinić.

Anthony “Tony” Joseph Salopek 1904-1968 Summary of Accomplishments

Alaskan Attraction — Reflections on my Yugoslav connection to Alaska

Carrie’s Furnace — thoughts from my Popcorn Party Blog.  Reflections about my grandmother, Katie Kucinic Salopek working in the steel mills of Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek Interview  — Transcript of personal interview on 17 September 1986, approximately one year before she passed away.  Listen to an mp3 of the actual six-minute interview

Christmas at Our Door — Why I know there really IS a Santa Claus!

Coal Black Crown — This historical fiction is based on a true experience from the life of my grandmother, Mara Oreb Gagich, who eventually mothered eleven children.

Finding Family in Fayette County, Pennsylvania — Mother’s Day tribute to family historian Yvonne L. Blair Morgan, spotlighting her research in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Golden Nuggets — Expression of my feelings of Alaska and trying to envision it through the eyes of my grandfather Srdan Gagich.

Grandma’s Chicken: Comforting Generations — Grandma Katie Salopek’s Breaded Chicken Recipe

Grandmas Rule — Reflections of my grandmas from Popcorn Party Blog.

Grave Digging Halloween — Photo of my grandparents’ graves in Western Pennsylvania and reflections of cemetery involvement

Halloween Tribute to My Mom — Brief Post and You Tube video as a tribute to the Halloween Costumes my mother enjoyed making so much!

Home for the Holidays — Blog post where is “home” for the holidays?

Hunting Grandma’s Grave — Personal narrative of my experience in trying to locate the grave of my great-grandmother, Ana Puškarić Kučinić Puskarichin a Washington, Pennsylvania cemetery.

Springtime Radish Flowers — Tutorial from Grandma Katie’s Kitchen.

Treadwell Mine Trail — Snapshots of mining remnants along the trail.  Someday I hope to determine if my grandpa Srdan Đođić (Gagich) worked there at one time.

See also — Duquesne Croatians.

Links to Cultural and Genealogical information relevant to my American immigrants from the countries of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

Croatian Genealogy & Family History

Defense of Korčula from Turkish attack in 1571 — Written by Antun Rozanović, who led the defense

Croatian-in-English Robert Jerin’s Links

Piva i Pivljani

Rodoslovlje: Serbian Genealogy Society

Rodoslovlje: Serbian Genealogy Society — Medieval Serbia

Serb Land of Montenegro — History of Montenegro Online



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