Personal Interview with Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek

Transcript of interview 17 September 1986, approximately one year before she passed away.   Listen to an mp3 of the actual six-minute interview:

katiefaceI was born in this country (United States of America) on September 26, 1910.  Three years later my father died.  My father died when he was twenty-seven years old.  He was working in the steel mill.  He drank ice cold water, and cramps killed him.  Then my mother took us back to Europe, Yugoslavia.  After that her brother sent her a ticket so she could get back, then she found another fellow, and she got married.  She married George Puskarich; he was a coal miner. She had ten kids.

Me and my younger sister, who was three months old, were over there with Grandma in Yugoslavia where we grew up.  She raised us, and we went to school in Yugoslavia for four years.  I walked three miles every day, back and forth.  We stopped going to school with no financial help.  At that time you were glad to have four years of school, and they made you learn too, no loafing.  Over there four years was like eight years over here.

After that I worked with my uncles and my grandma and grandfather.  I watched the horses and cows, and I watched kids until I was seventeen.  My uncles farmed, and they cut wood in the thick woods, and they sold it.  Their wives worked in the field.

I had two sisters over there before my father left to come over here to this country the first time.  There names were Milka (Mildred) and Marija (Mary).  My name is Kate (Katie) and Janja (Janet).  The youngest one (Janja) got married over there, and also Milka got married over there.  Only Marija came to this country, and she lived in Ohio.  She married Frank Puskarich and had eight kids.

When I was seventeen, my mother sent a ticket for me, and a year later I got married.  I came here in 1928 through France.  The name of the ship was Il France.  I landed in New York, then from New York I went to Washington, Pennsylvania where my mother and stepfather lived.  After that I looked for a job, so I found a Jewish family that was real good to me.

(c) 2013 to present Patricia J. Angus

One thought on “Personal Interview with Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek

  1. Wow Patty. Thank you so much for this. I actually woke John to listen to it. He listened twice and is still talking about it as I type this. What as blessing to hear his Grandmother’s voice after all these years!


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