Personal Journey

My Life Begins……  Journal of Contemplation and Experiences about life after my Alaskan Journey in the form of Posts rather than pages….  For some reason, I kept telling people that “my life begins after Japan” — a trip I took for almost three months in 2016. So, here is my life as it begins…..

Alaskan Journey picks up where Life Is a Popcorn Party leaves off…..Follow My Journey via these Personal Reflections from a Widow’s Journal — Thoughts, Observations and Experiences as I transition from the world of “We” in an urban Arizona desert to the life of “Me” on a temperate rain forest island of Alaska.

Life is a Popcorn Party!  It can be plain, gooey caramel sweet, zesty chili-cheese coated, dripping with butter fat, or annoyingly stuck between your teeth. And, always watch out for the un-popped kernel that catches you by surprise!  Come and nibble one kernel at a time or choke down a handful with a gulp of your favorite beverage.  Read my words and relish them.  Challenge them. Ignore them.  Hate them.  It really doesn’t matter.  Accept the invitation to stop by for the popcorn, and while you are here enjoy the party!

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