Ditch the Journal and Bring on the Blog

Saturday, February 18, 2012 —

A collection of my Personal Journals

Over the years I have found happiness and contentment in journal writing by notating each and every special event, dates of my children’s immunizations, and the details of everyday doldrums. I led myself to believe I was effectively leaving the story of my life to unfold before countless numbers of generations yet unborn. Large books dwindled to little stylish photo-filled journals that could fit in my purse, computerized journals, and journal phone apps. Trips to Barnes and Noble and Borders Books led me to intuitively purchase attractive journals that might come in handy sometime for somebody. Consequently I bought journals for myself and gave them as gifts to the unassuming. This was very fun, and I still believe in the power of the journal!

But seriously, who’s going to read those dusty volumes about my life after I am dead and they are buried in a heap? Better yet, who will actively dig through my digital databanks that are secretly filed away and floating on some cyber cloud? Which descendent with any amount of decency will take on the chore of copying the contents and distributing my words of wisdom at some future and far away family reunion? In an attempt to spare my posterity of this unpleasant responsibility, I have decided to close the books of my life and stow them away in a pretty little box with a heart embellished lid. My journals have served their purpose well; however, it is time to move on to something more practical…

I’m throwing a Popcorn Party! And YOU are invited!!! Come and nibble one kernel at a time or choke down a handful with a gulp of your favorite beverage. Read my words and relish them. Challenge them. Ignore them. Hate them. It really doesn’t matter to me what you do with my words. They are mine, and I choose to share them now, not later. So, accept the invitation to join me in deliberations about Life and Living! Stop by for the popcorn, and enjoy the party!

(c) 2013 Patricia J. Angus

Originally published on February 18, 2012 at http://lifeisapopcornparty.blogspot.com/

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