Coal Black Crown

young mara face film grainA soft summer breeze caressed her face as Mara gazed upon the verdant garden she had planted in neat rows just a few months before….. “It isn’t fair,” Mara sobbed.  “How could God do this to me?”  I wrote Coal Black Crown in the format of historical fiction in order to bring my Baba’s true life experience closer to the hearts of my audience — all of her posterity and any woman who has ever yearned to become a mother.

Part 1 of a Documented History of My Great-Grandmother

Puškarić Ana 1886 - 1930Part 1 of a Documented History of My Great-Grandmother

I just posted Part 1 of a documented history about my great-grandmother, Ana Puškarić Kučinić Puskarich, who lived from 1886 to 1930. Part 1 of her history includes information about her family of origin and marriage to Mijat Kučinić.  Originally she was one of Duquesne’s Croatian Immigrants, then moved to Washington, PA.

Audio Recording Added to Interview with My Grandma <3

katiefaceAudio Recording Added to Interview with My Grandma ❤  Today I added an audio recording of a Personal Interview with Catherine Ann Kučinić Salopek , my paternal Grandmother.  The interview took place on 17 September 1986, approximately one year before she passed away.  READ a transcript of the interview or LISTEN to an mp3 of the actual six-minute interview.

Hunting Grandma’s Grave

Puskarich Anna graveHunting Grandma’s Grave:  I added a new personal experience to “Popcorn Party” the search for my Great-grandmother’s grave in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Washington, Pennsylvania.  I often passed the grave of another Croatian woman named Anna, and I was drawn to it.  “You aren’t my Anna,” I thought to myself.  “Why do I keep coming back to you?”