Pandemic Story Project

Please write a story about someone your age who is stuck at home during the Corona Virus pandemic. Due June 1, 2020.
PURPOSE of the Pandemic Story Project is to get you to think about this time in history and to have a story to remember these unusual times and to share your thoughts about it with YOUR children someday.  You can write a story with pictures, a comic strip, a stage script,a story with no pictures, or illustrations with no words.
And here are some of the projects you came up with….


The Break Because Of The Coronavirus by Jack (c) 2020

The starting off days was great when Spring hit. But then, the ending for the break grew larger and larger. The days were fun and supper relaxing. Then, my school said the school was not opening their doors till the end of the year. I said to myself each day that it would be a great rest of the year. I got more and more stressed out. I felt stressed out because of not having haircuts, the news, the amount of work, and being stuck in the house. It was fun when being stuck in the house for a week or two then, it got annoying. What I was usually doing was doing schoolwork and then fun electronics.


Dog and Fish

My Pandemic Story by Sophie (c) 2020

Sophie Story

Sophie sun

Emma and Buttons by Abi (c) 2020

Emma and Buttons illustration

My name is Emma.
This is my dog, Buttons.
We have lots of toys to play with but we played with every toy so we are getting bored.
I played with my dog, Buttons, but I’m still bored.
I wanna go to the swimming pool but I can’t.
We can’t go because I don’t have enough money to go there and it is closed because of the
I am raising money with a lemonade stand so I am gonna wear gloves and a mask to sell
lemonade at my stand.
When I raise enough money, I’m gonna get a bigger pool for my yard.
But I need floats because it’s too deep for me, so I need enough money to get another floaty.
I can’t swim in the pool because I have no swim suit that fits me.
So I’m gonna ask my mom if I could have ten dollars because the swimsuit might cost ten
dollars online.
I bought a new swimsuit that is pink with spots on it. Then I swam in the pool with my dog,
But I forgot that I needed to raise money for my new toy that I wanted because my mom told
me that if I wanted this toy I had to raise my own money and buy it online.
So I asked my mom if I could do a donut stand. So I did that and it was only one dollar for a
donut. But somebody gave me one hundred bucks! It was kinda weird!
So I got tons and tons and tons of toys; and I was happy with those toys!
Then, Buttons and me played with all of those toys and then we built something amazing! It
was a gigantic swimming pool! It had slippy slides!
So, I played in it with my new toys.
I had to make my room clean, so I did it. I made my bed, and cleaned up my floor, and washed
the windows, and put away my clothes. And then I got a surprise. I got a new puppy friend for
Buttons that was named Lila!
And I played with my new dog. My boy dog and my girl dog got married. So they got babies.
One was named Diamond. And the other was named Silver. Diamond was a girl and Silver was
a boy. So we got another puppy and Silver got married. Then the puppy family grew, and grew
and grew.
On my birthday, for one of my presents, I got a baby puppy. So, the type of dog was a
Pomeranian. And that Pomeranian was a girl and it got married with the puppy family. So the
puppy family got bigger!
So, I got to get married because I was old enough. So that was my story. Bye!

Corona Virus Life by Klara (c) 2020


Hello. My name is Klara and I’m going to tell you a story about my life during Covid-19. The year of 2020 the Corona virus was in the world. The corona virus really started in 2019 but, it effected people in 2020. I was in the end of spring break when we got 2 weeks more, but we had to do schoolwork off the computer. schoolwork was very confusing because we didn’t know how to do things. As I was working on my schoolwork, we were held back from going to school until April 30. I was starting to think that we were never going back to school. School started to get harder. Sometimes, I would give up but, I had to do it because it was schoolwork, I couldn’t pass up schoolwork. I love schoolwork. So anyways, Again, people announced that we had to stay home and be in groups no bigger than 10 people. I got sad because I couldn’t see my friends. And, we had to switch and regroup wards because they were getting too big. I was so sad. But then I found out that we didn’t have AZ Merit.  So there were some things that were good about it. When we were doing school, I had many different projects to do. It was a lot. I had fun doing it though. When I wasn’t doing schoolwork, I was either playing Minecraft, drawing, writing stories, or watching movies. It was getting kind of old during the second week though. I missed hanging out with my friends. I was also getting bored of playing with the same people repeatedly. But I had fun. I got tired of not having friends around but at least I had my family. During the beginning of the virus, my family didn’t see anyone, but then we started to see my grandma. I liked to spend time with her. So anyways, we had a lot of fun also because we had  like three birthdays to celebrate. It was a lot of food. Well kind of. After the birthday stuff, we kind of did whatever. It was the usual daily routine. Until today, I have been lazy and trying to work out and writing to you guys. Also texting my friends. I’ve gotten used to it. Well, I’m going to sign out. Klara, signing out.

My Story by Camilla (c) 2020

Hi, My name is Jemma! We recently been in a pandemic a couple of days ago. And it was actually really fun. We played games, told stories, and sometimes even cooked. Oh and it’s also kind of sad too. Like our pet died and all because we are poor. I haven’t really properly introduced myself have I?

Well, I’m 10 years old. I live in Maine. My fave color is yellow. And that’s really it. We also had to eat potatoes for days, because we lived on a potato farm. And have I mentioned that we are poor well that’s my story!

Sophie the end

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