Labor Legacy Link Added

Duquesne Below Tracks Salopek A Puskarich E
Duquesne, Pennsylvania “below the tracks” during the mid-1930’s. Pictured are Tony Salopek of Duquesne, Allegheny, Pennsylvania and Edward J. Puskaric, Sr. of Chicago, Cooke, Illinois.

In commemoration of Labor Day weekend, I want to add a couple of links to the “Duquesne Croatians” Tab on this website. Beginning in 1999 The University of Pittsburgh developed a website entitled Labor Legacy, which they completed in 2003. Those of us who are interested in the lives of our fore-bearers who worked the steel mills around Pittsburgh should take a gander and reminisce.

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania Labor Legacy

While I was searching the internet to identify faces in my most recent post, I came across a database within the Labor Legacy website which includes names and basic information about people who worked at the National Tube Plant in McKeesport, Pennsylvania during the 1940’s.

National Tube Co., U.S. Steel National Works, McKeesport, PA

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