Look! New Photo Added

Unknown Croatian Wedding #5
Unknown Duquesne Croatian Wedding Photo, submitted by Eric Gerstbrein.

I have added another wedding photo to my collection of  Duquesne Croatian Marriages, Pre – 1950s.  This photo was submitted to me by Eric Gerstbrein who is trying to break down several brick walls in his Croatian genealogy.  Please help him gather a few more clues by studying the photo and commenting if you recognize any faces.  Eric is the grandson of Matthew (Mato) Draskovich and  Antoinette (Tonka) Magdic Draskovich who are in this photo.  Tonka is wearing the dark dress to the bride’s right, and Mato is behind her in the slightly lighter colored suit. According to Eric, his grandmother Tonka was born in 1907 and came back to the US possibly in 1927. He guesses the photo to be between 1930-1940. The bride and groom are unknown at this time.  Please help identify them if you can!  Thank you!


12 thoughts on “Look! New Photo Added

  1. Are you sure that isn’t my grandmother and grandfather’s wedding photo? Samuel Carr and Rose Puskaric Carr? It sure looks like them. I think you have them in another photo here on your site.


    1. Wow! Talk about the power of the internet! If it is your grandparents (and you’d certainly know that better than I), wouldn’t it be a website success story?

      Have you ever seen this photo before? Do you know when/where they got married? I’d expect one way to make sure is to contact the diocesan archives because the parish records would likely identify the witnesses, who appear to be my grandparents since they are dressed differently.

      And if we can identify your grandparents and your family doesn’t have this photo, I’m certainly willing to make arrangements that you can have it. It seems to me that the original copy more appropriately belongs in the family of the bride and groom.

      Curiously, I recently took an Ancestry DNA test and one name that came back with “good” confidence for a likely 4th-6th cousin was also named Puskarich.

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      1. Oh how cool! I was given a framed picture of them a couple of years ago from my cousin. When I get home tonight I’ll take a picture of it and somehow try to post it on the facebook page. It contains the wedding license I think with all the details! What an amazing internet success story! My grandmother Rose Pusckaric is in another wedding picture on this page too. But not my grandfather. So it sounds like we are distantly related! My mom grew up in Duquesne.

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  2. Happy to hear that my 1930-1940 estimate was right.

    Looks to me, though, like the 23 Oct date is the date of the application, and that the actual wedding was 31 Oct. (Which explains Baba’s Halloween black dress!). Address first looked like 705 Show Ave, McKeesport but I think that’s probably Shaw, If I googled right, it was likely Sacred Heart Church, another Croatian parish.


    1. I have the marriage license copy so I’ll confirm all of that when I get home later tonight. Such a small world.


      1. It was a fun collaborative exercise to solve this little puzzle.

        Not sure if there is any cousin-ship in there, but knowing that the Draskovic and Puskaric all lived on the same Hamilton Avenue and that the Puskarich name came up as a possible DNA match certainly makes it an intriguing possibility, even if we would have to go to Croatia to solve it.


      2. It was a fun effort! You may need to fill in the branches a little more to see how they families connected, but they at very least close friends.


  3. I changed the location and information about the photo on my Croatian Marriages page, based on the information you have given me and the information listed on the marriage documents on Family Search. I will add more information as you find it. Such and exciting success story for all of you!


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