Make a Difference in 2017

Crocheted Starfish on a Frosty Log. (c) 2017 Patricia J. Angus

Crocheted Starfish on a Frosty Log in Alaska. (c) 2017 Patricia J. Angus

The new year has arrived, and I have relocated to a sunnier place on the planet.  I will miss the beauty of living in a remote corner of the world, but I recognize that it is now time to move on. New year. New Location. New Life Focus.  Something I will miss a great deal is walking along a rocky beach in the summer and taking a deep breath to fill my lungs with fresh, moist air.  I will miss the vast horizon where clouds touch the water, left to the mercy of Nature’s paintbrush.  I will miss the elegant flight of eagles, the spray of breaching whales, the occasional glimpse of a shy black bear crossing the road, and the sweet innocence of scampering fawns.  Last, but certainly not least, I will miss investigating the shoreline with my grandchildren to discover seashells, beautiful rocks, twigs, barnacles, and starfish hiding from the hot sun.

The starfish is one of many creatures I will miss the most now that I am living in the desert again.  As a matter of fact, while I was preparing to move in the month of December, the starfish inspired me to create star Christmas ornaments for my family members. I crocheted a small star for each person to represent not only the new star telling of Christ’s birth, but also to represent my tribute farewell to the starfish.  In each set of ornaments, I placed a copy of The Starfish Poem with an admonition that each family member make a difference in someone’s life during the upcoming year.   I am sure you have read the poem many times. It goes like this:

The Starfish Poem

A little boy walked carefully along a crowded beach

Where starfish by the hundred lay there within his reach.

They washed up with each wave as far as the eye could see

And each would surely die if they were not sent back to the sea.

So one by one he rescued them, then heard a stranger call,

“It really won’t make much of a difference…for you cannot save them all.”

But as he tossed yet another one back toward the ocean’s setting sun,

He said with deep compassion, “I made a difference to that one!”

Author Unknown

(adapted from the original essay, The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley)

Much of the world’s suffering and commotion are beyond our control.  However, daily we are surrounded by opportunities to touch someone’s life in a positive way.  We don’t have to look very far to discover ways we can make a difference in our own homes, extended families and communities. Let us make a concerted effort this year, and always, to feed someone who is hungry, comfort someone who is sick, clothe someone who is naked or cold, or spend time with someone who is lonely.  The list of possibilities is endless and as unique as each starfish along the shore.  Although each of us “cannot save them all”, we can make “a difference to that one!”  Wishing you many blessings as you strive to touch the lives of others throughout 2017!

© 2017 Patricia J. Angus

Crocheted starfish pattern may be found at:

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