Destiny Does Deliver

bookstack with shadow webIt has been a few years since I read Destiny’s Dowry, so I decide to download the other Destiny books by Rosemary Gard and read them in succession. A few pages into my reading, I recall the thoughts and feelings I had my first time through book one – insights and inspiration regarding my great-grandmothers and the lives they endured in the “Old Country” of rural Croatia.  The author lays a solid foundation for captivating characters along with a good story line in this historical fiction series.  I sense I have known some of these Croatian immigrants in my own lifetime!

Immigrant Katya’s story evolves throughout the first three books, and I feel like I am walking in her shoes along the twists and turns and obstacle of her life’s path. I notice Katya changes as she matures from one life stage to the next, just as my grandmothers did and just as I am changing now.  Similarly, the author’s writing style becomes more seasoned as Katya’s life develops, and by book three and four Gard’s words feel increasingly fluid and natural.  I want to read more to discover what destiny may bring…….in book five!

I have added the Destiny books to the suggested reading list under “My Heritage” tab on this website.  In addition, here is the link for more information

One thought on “Destiny Does Deliver

  1. Thank you, Patricia, for the lovely words about my Destiny series. I now have seven books in the series and don’t want to do another, but it is in my head, wanting to come to print. We shall see! Thank you again.


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