Destiny Does Deliver

bookstack with shadow webIt has been a few years since I read Destiny’s Dowry, so I decide to download the other Destiny books by Rosemary Gard and read them in succession. A few pages into my reading, I recall the thoughts and feelings I had my first time through book one – insights and inspiration regarding my great-grandmothers and the lives they endured in the “Old Country” of rural Croatia.  The author lays a solid foundation for captivating characters along with a good story line in this historical fiction series.  I sense I have known some of these Croatian immigrants in my own lifetime!

Immigrant Katya’s story evolves throughout the first three books, and I feel like I am walking in her shoes along the twists and turns and obstacle of her life’s path. I notice Katya changes as she matures from one life stage to the next, just as my grandmothers did and just as I am changing now.  Similarly, the author’s writing style becomes more seasoned as Katya’s life develops, and by book three and four Gard’s words feel increasingly fluid and natural.  I want to read more to discover what destiny may bring…….in book five!

I have added the Destiny books to the suggested reading list under “My Heritage” tab on this website.  In addition, here is the link for more information

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