Come Follow My Alaskan Journey!

Alaskan view form float planeFollow My Alaskan Journey via these Thoughts, Observations and Experiences as I transition from the world of “We” in an urban Arizona desert to the life of “Me” on a temperate rain forest island of Alaska.  This road is yet unexplored on my map of life, so join me to see where the path will lead!  The Journey Begins Today!

2 thoughts on “Come Follow My Alaskan Journey!

  1. Hello Patti . . . I am happy to see that you are beginning a new journey , in of all places , Alaska . . . Sort of the other end of the Spectrum from Arizona (at least Climate speaking) . . . I believe you have a daughter who lives there , it will be nice to be close to her. I have been very busy this year , and will continue to be busy , due to the fact that we are doing a lot of work on the house – both inside and out. We needed a roof , upgraded the backyard , and have been re-painting , re-carpeting , and re-decorating inside . . . So , I have not been on the computer much , but thought I would drop you a line and I am glad things seem to be going well for you . . . Enjoy Your Journey ! Take Care , Drew Cheke

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