Duquesne Croatians — Smidgen of Croatian

1910 Chart Croatians below the tracksA Smidgen of Croatian in Duquesne:  Just how many Croatian immigrants lived in Duquesne at the turn of the twentieth century? An analysis of the 1910 United States Federal Census might help us draw more accurate conclusions about the early Croatian immigrants to the city of Duquesne.  Read details of my most recent research.  Feel free to comment or contact me via the site.

Duquesne’s Croatian Immigrant FB Page will soon be Posted on this Site!

Duquesne CroatiansDuquesne’s Croatian Immigrant FB Page will soon be Posted on this Site!  Due to FB’s ever-changing policies, I will soon be removing the Duquesne’s Croatian Immigrant page from FB and including the information on my expanded website at this location.  If you click “like” on the link above, you will still receive updates via my other FB page at Patricia J. Angus.

Hunting Grandma’s Grave

Puskarich Anna graveHunting Grandma’s Grave:  I added a new personal experience to “Popcorn Party” the search for my Great-grandmother’s grave in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery in Washington, Pennsylvania.  I often passed the grave of another Croatian woman named Anna, and I was drawn to it.  “You aren’t my Anna,” I thought to myself.  “Why do I keep coming back to you?”