Thinking about My Dad’s Old Haunt

Yours Truly sipping soda at Green Gables with owners Pete and Mary Loncaric. Circa 1965
Yours Truly sipping soda at Green Gables with owners Pete and Mary Loncaric. Circa 1965

Feeling nostalgic today.  Maybe it is a combination of Kennywood’s annual Croatian Day and thinking about Duquesne, my Dad’s birthplace and childhood home.  He passed away last year over the Labor Day weekend which probably stirs all three memories into one big whirlwind. Whatever the motivation, I realize a blog about Duquesne Croatians would not be complete without recognizing Green Gables and the Loncaric family as major contributors to Duquesne past.  Read about it here….

Franjo Salopek’s Face Identified

Franjo and Bara Salopek of Duquesne, PA are seated next to the bride and groom in this photo.
Franjo and Bara Salopek of Duquesne, PA are seated next to the bride and groom in this photo.

I am always excited when someone identifies a face in one of the Croatian Marriage photos posted on this site!  Recently Mary Ann was able to identify her grandfather, Franjo Salopek, as the man with a mustache seated next to the bride in the photo above.  I am quite certain that his wife Bara is the woman seated on the right, next to the groom.  This is especially exciting to me, because the bride and groom happen to be my grandparents!

Franjo was born 15 June 1878 in Ogulin, Croatia.  He was previously married to a woman named Anna until her death in 1917.  The couple had five children: Tomo, Mijo, Anton, Josip, and Mate.  A photo of their son Tom’s marriage to Cecelia Machek is also included on the Croatian Marriages page.

Franjo and his second wife Bara had four children: Mary, Manda, Agnes and John.  According to the 1930 and 1940 United States Census records, the couple resided below the tracks at 28 Superior Street, Duquesne.  After the steel mill expansion in 1941 they resided at 218 North 1st Street, Duquesne – next door to my grandparents! Thank you, Mary Ann!

End of the Road for My Alaskan Journey

One of my favorite places on the island. (c) 2015 Patricia J. Angus
One of my favorite places on the island. (c) 2015 Patricia J. Angus

It’s been therapeutic to blog about my Alaskan Journey, and I hope others who find themselves in a similar situation may connect with some of the feelings I have shared in the process.  Now that I am actually living in Alaska, Inspiration is leading me in new directions, and I can’t wait to share some of the other things I have been working on.  Thanks for traveling with me!  In celebration of what would have been my husband’s 59th birthday, I write one last Alaskan Journey… here to read it.

Nature Outside My Door

While rehabilitating after My Big “Trip” to Alaska, I cannot explore the island as much as I want.  Despite the fact that I hobble with a limp, Trixie Trots are still in daily demand, so I have made the best of it by taking photos of nature along our route.  There is beauty all around if we take time to notice. Hopefully I will find and post more beauty as the seasons change.  Click HERE to Enjoy!  Which is YOUR favorite? — Leave a comment!

My personal favorite -- Look at that one lonely yellow dandelion. (c) 2015 Patricia J. Angus
My personal favorite — One Yellow Dandelion (c) 2015 Patricia J. Angus

Rekindling an Old Flame!

It has been too long since I shared my thoughts and feelings on the Popcorn Party blog. Over the past two months I have had to swallow a couple of unpopped kernels and maybe even chipped some teeth on a few more.  Time to express myself and tell you what is bringing me back to the real world — believe it or not, I am rekindling an old flame!  Read More Here

Bekavac Faces Identified

Salopek Wedding -- Bekavac crop for pja websiteA family living an ocean away from Duquesne found an old photo that helped identify two faces in the wedding party of my grandparents, Anthony Joseph Salopek and Catherine Ann Kučinić. The faces belong to my great-aunt Frances Salopek Bekavac and her husband Mate Bekavac.  Can you identify anyone in the Duquesne Croatians Wedding Photos posted on this site?  Please contact me if you can!  Thanks Marina for your investigative work — and for the photo!

Eureka! — I found it!

RTdLokLT9It is always exciting when I find something interesting about Duquesne in old newspapers.  But, when I encounter a piece of information that I actually have been searching for, it is even more exhilarating! Recently I discovered the location of Duquesne’s “original” Croatian Hall, so I must share my discovery with all of you.  Can you guess where it was?  Read the article as see for yourself!  Lost Croatian Hall — Found!

Experiencing my Alaskan Attraction

Alaskan view form float planeOver the past month I have been experiencing life instead of writing about it. One of my favorite places to experience is Alaska.  While there, I felt inspired to find connections to my own heritage and in the process began understanding the culture and heritage of others.  Find out what initially prompted my interest in Alaska and what keeps it going — new article Alaskan Attraction.

Icehouse Pictures

Icehouse on Mill Pond Duxbury, MA
Icehouse on Mill Pond in Duxbury, MA

Ahhhhhh… nothing more refreshing than your favorite iced beverage on a hot summer day!  It’s almost as “cool” as hearing stories about how family history inspires and motivates people in their daily life.  The founding of Icehouse Pictures, a film transfer business, is the perfect example of what I mean.  Read it for yourself…. How does family history inspire YOU?  Contact me with your story!