Inspirational Posters

2020 OCTOBER GRAND GRANNY CHALLENGE: Complete the task list below and earn $10! Everyone, including parents, can earn 10 bucks! Plus I will share our poster collection on my Granny webpage.

1. Create a motivational poster similar to the poster collection at the link below. The poster may be created by hand or by using digital resources. Mormonads Poster Collection

2. Poster must be letter size 8.5 inches x 11 inches. Please use paper or background without lines. (No notebook paper) 

3. Use your own designs —  draw pictures by hand, or use original photography, or create digital designs. (Maybe use photos you took on a recent vacation that really uplift you.)

4. SEND THE IMAGE TO My Email address as an attachment.

5. DEADLINE for earning the $10 is October 31. I will pay out the winnings on my November 1st payday.

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